High Conflict Personalities Resolution
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High Conflict Personalities Resolution


Blame is abundant these days! Everyday people confront us at work, out and about, at home, in our communities and online. Nerves get on-edge. More and more people get stuck blaming others for anything that goes wrong. With High-Conflict Personalities increasing in society, the 24 hour news cycle, and social media, we are continually barraged with the worst behaviours of other people. The strong temptation is to react, defend yourself and blame them back.

Instead, consider understanding the High-Conflict Personality and engaging our method for pulling them out of the past and away from blaming everyone else. If you have not been someone’s Target of Blame, you will be soon. H.C. personalities take up nearly 15% of our society. Although it’s a growing problem we believe it is a predictable one, which can be managed in most cases by understanding High-Conflict personalities and often doing the opposite of what you feel like doing.

A high majority of Targets of Blame (T.O.B’s) are managers/supervisors.

Our workshop trains managers on how to get HCP’s to quickly:


  • Focus on the future
  • Take responsibility
  • Contribute to finding solutions to problems…including those they created themselves

You will learn to stay calm and confident, while earning the respect of those around you … even those who want to blame you!

Managing change, depression, inter-personal conflict, emotional stress,
work related issues
grief and marriage tensions


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