Our Services
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Our Services


An Employee Assistance Program is a workplace intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and includes similar services for immediate family members.

There are many varying factors that impact one’s satisfaction and happiness within theworkplace.

EAP is designed to enable you to resolve issues or challenges arising in your life, whether the source of the issue is work based or personal.

An organisation’s EAP is as individual as a fingerprint. No two are alike.

An EAP is built around requirements, culture and the organisational vision. It’s all about you (not us).

An EAP is NOT driven by a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template.

Eudoxia’s programs are clinically driven and carefully crafted to reflect the needs of the organisation, management and the team members.


Stress, relationships, coping with life’s twists, turns and general unpredictability can seriously affect our general wellbeing and our ability to function on a positive plane.

Early intervention by a trained practitioner/clinician can lessen impacts and put your wellbeing, health and relationships back on a positive pathway. Our mental/emotional/behavioural health practitioners equip people with the skills needed to function better, prevent impending difficulties and increase your feeling of wellbeing.

Eudoxia’s practitioners hold confidentiality, above all else, as their number one imperative.


Eudoxia is proud of our long standing association with fifofamilies.com.au.

Fifofamilies.com.au aim to lift the stressful, and at times painful, burden of a loved one being apart from the family by offering many services to help manage the challenging FIFO lifestyle.

Fifofamilies.com.au have many support groups and services located right across Australia in every state and territory.


At Eudoxia our training programs bring together the most popular and effective topics driven by what we have learned from our corporate clients, research, failures and successes. This has given shape and foundation to a list of topics and programs that have our corporate clients returning for more and exhorting us to examine, research and deliver even more targeted subjects for their team members and management.

Eudoxia delivers workshops across Australia and New Zealand.


You are not expecting it…but when a critical incident affects your organisation you need experienced, proven, effective and highly educated support. And,..you need it FAST!

Nimble and speedy deployment of support is a crucial first step in dealing with a CI/T and the psychological aftermath.

Eudoxia has the huge breadth of experience necessary to deal with unplanned, confronting events.

Over the past decade Eudoxia has attended workplace death, aviation disasters, natural disasters, armed robberies, hostage and sieges, assaults and many other CI/T situations.


Typically HCP individuals take up a whole lot of time and the energy of their upline manager, HR teams and colleagues. They are highly demanding and exhaust those around them.

HCP individuals often hold senior or influential roles and repeatedly get themselves into conflict dynamics with others or impact others to the point of damaging relationships.

Eudoxia has developed the research of world leading academics and works with organisations to manage these individuals effectively and build resilience within the teams they impact.


EUDOXIA provides additional support to our clients leaders (from junior to senior), with our ‘GREENLIGHT Management Assistance’ program. This service is supported by experienced clinicians who have previously worked in senior roles in a variety of business settings and understand the challenges faced by the modern manager.

From performance management to disciplinary issues, from High Conflict Personalities to Narcissism, from day-to day-issues to long cycle planning or just a conversation to validate a thought. Managers can access counselling and/or coaching on an as needed basis.

This is a confidential service that can be accessed by phone or by arranging a face-to-face appointment.